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Career Consultancy Services

Career Planning Consultation

A thirty-minute consultation aimed at those new to the job market such as college graduates, those returning to work, and people changing careers.  We will help to solidify career goals, resulting in the creation of a report sent to you with four or five career suggestions.

Job Search Consultation

A thirty-minute consultation to provide you with best practice techniques when searching for a job.  Real-time examples will be supplied using the most popular job search engines.  If you are focussed on specific industry streams, e.g., education, engineering, etc., you will be shown job search engines specific to that industry segment.

Interview Technique

A forty-five-minute consultation to prepare you for an upcoming interview.  We will review the three types of questions that a candidate is likely to be asked, and we will give you advice on how to answer those questions.  You will also be provided with suggestions on the types of questions to ask during the interview.  The consultation will conclude with a ten-minute "mini-interview" to provide practice and feedback.

Review of Existing Resume

A thirty-minute consultation looking at your current resume and creating a report with editing and formatting suggestions to make your document more appealing to recruiters and hiring managers.  This report will be unique to your skills, experiences, and values and will be optimized for the ATS resume screening software used by recruiters.  The report will also include keywords that software and hiring managers will look for when reviewing resumes.

LinkedIn Profile Creation

There are nearly seven hundred million LinkedIn profiles worldwide, so standing out among the crowd is very important when looking for that dream job.  We will help customize your profile through a thirty-minute consultation that will help to identify keywords key that recruiters are looking for.  We will also ensure that you profile reflects what is in your resume; that is tells your "story".  Finally, we will ensure that all of your achievements and skills are clearly defined and easy to locate in your profile.

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